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Marketing, E-Sports, Design and more.

Ads on Twitch | YT

We, as Packmiko group, have the tools to publish advertising content in any format to all streamers and content creators in our group.

We can publish them simultaneously in real time, with full chat engagement which also translates into CTR.


The main advantages of using our innovative solutions that we offer:

  • displaying complex campaigns and content simultaneously in our streamers' network,

  • chat bots encouraging users/viewers to click on links which increases CTA, 

  • accurate monitoring and sending campaign statistics, 

  • Full control over the length and quality of content display as well as its duration, security of the brand including moderators monitoring quality as well as reactions of the audience, selection of the type of games, content and broadcast categories perfectly matching the product presented by you,

  • No blocking of advertising content by applications such as Adblock, statistical CTR ranging from 1.6% to 6%, which can be additionally increased by the streamers of our group, unlike our competitors, we obtain analytical and statistical data that is presented to you as a proof of running your campaign at the highest level,the reports are sent to you after the implementation of the campaign along with the consultation and translation of issues,

  • We as a group carefully select for you streamers who have reach on new media in terms of content or product you want to present:

  • The target of the ad, are primarily young people with an average age between 16-40 years, middle class and upper class audience (based on data collected by on Twitch spending).  

Target groups are engaged streamer fans with targeted interests like:  gaming, movies and technology, smartlife, high quality food, energy drinks, clothing/fashion, with a tendency to showcase their purchases to other users of the portal, raising their own social stat.


Over the past decade, the eSports industry has seen tremendous growth, both in terms of viewership and financial revenue. In 2020, eSports almost crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide - about $950 million to be exact.

It is even expected to reach nearly $1.6 billion by 2023, a rapid growth that is unlikely to lose momentum despite Corona restrictions and cancellations of major events.

In particular, growing viewership has been a major contributor to sales growth. Worldwide, 495 million viewers could get excited about eSports in 2020. That's almost 7% of the entire global population.

This has also attracted the attention of large companies that are investing in the eSports scene. Sponsorships and advertising make up the majority of revenue, with the rest coming from media rights, publisher fees, merchandise and ticket sales, and streaming shares.
Are you interested in creating your own esports event? Our experience with this medium will help you.


Event Management | Coaching

Experience in multiple industries that helps us help you with your projects. We offer training in topics such as E-Sport, Social Media and Influencer Marketing.

Those interested in game coaching are also welcome!


Need a logo, business cards, banner, etc.? Our experienced design team will create the design of your dreams after consulting with you.

If you are interested in working with us please contact us.

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